My wife and I are contemplating our third anniversary trip next April. While we are entertaining other destinations besides Jamaica, it is soooo hard to say "No" to the Couples resorts! One option I threw out is to take a 10-day trip and split it 5 days and 5 days between CN and CSS. I have a couple questions:

1) Has anyone done this, and if so, how do you go about booking it and arranging transfers between the resorts?
2) With the current Early Escapes 2013 promotion, would it be possible to secure the 7th night free promotion as a cumulative between the two resorts? I figure it is probably only for single resort booking, but thought I'd ask anyways.
3) Has anyone done this and encountered problems with resort credit? We'd be bringing a $150 Couples Rewards credit with us, and then there would be the $200 offered at CSS right now with the promotion. I'd hope we could redeem them both without a mix up.
4) Finally, would we only get one repeat guests dinner invitation? My plan has us at CN from a Wednesday to a Tuesday, and then CSS from Tuesday to Sunday. Hence, we would hit both repeat guest dinners. If we weren't able to do both, how could we choose which to go to?

Thanks for any input from past experience!!!