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    Default Dinner on the island

    My wife and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary in December and I have arranged for a dinner on the island at CTI for us as a surprise.

    We are not AN people but I would like to see the island.

    I am assuming we do not have to be AN for this. Am I correct?

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    It's a clothed affair. The island closes, setup begins, you get boated have a great meal.

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    Nick and I had a truly magical anniversary dinner on the island on June 29th. From beginning on the pier to ending in our room, the whole experience was wonderful. You don't have to woory. By the time your dinner begins, there are only you, perhaps 2 other couples, and the staff. Enjoy!!

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    You'll have a great time.

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    It is a magical night having dinner on the island. Well worth the money.

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    Thank you all for your responses. I wish we were going tomorrow. Unfortunately have to wait until December.

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