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    Beachfront suite booked, but REALLY want a room with a larger balcony without the LONG walk. If available, looking to pay a charge upon arrival for Ocean Verandah Suites in D block. Anyone have experience with this room, or other recommendations for a room with a view without the long walk? Thanks

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    The balconies on D block are hit and miss some are huge and some are small.


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    We stayed in D8, which was a Verandah Suite, in June. It was an absolutely lovely room and the view was fantastic! However, you do need to climb stairs, both to the beach and up for evening entertainment, etc. We didn't find it to be a problem, but it depends on you, really.

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    At CSS, the walks are long depending on where you're going. We stayed in D block last year and hope to do so again this year as we found it is centrally located to everything. The balcony's are not any bigger than the beachfront unless you opt for the penthouse suites.

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    We spent a wonderful week in D7 last year. It's on the ground level, but the verandah is elevated by about 5 feet because the hill slopes. This room overlooks both the main beach AND the ocean, as it is also at the end of the building. It's conveniently located at the top of the steps above the main beach. If you don't mind the steps, this is the room/block for you!! Enjoy!

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