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    Thank you so much for all of the advise. I am soo excited to know that so many people love this place.. CLEVERSOLE~I hope to see ya there. CN here I come!!!

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    The entertainment will be VERY different but other than that you're going to LOVE everything. Get ready to have a much more relaxing vacation than a cruise. We cruise to sight see and go to Couples for romance and relaxation. Two completely different types of vacations both great in their own ways. Bet you'll end up like us one cruise per year and one trip to Couples per year. Once in awhile skip the cruise and Couples 2X
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    Just look at Couples and Jamaica as a very very very very very big land yacht.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    We have given up main stream cruising and it used to be a preferred vacation. Too many people, ships too big, too many kids, tired of fighting for chairs by the pool and the silly, noisy pool games; too many ships/people in port; too much nickel and diming for everything; tired of banquet food and rushed service.

    These days it is AI's for us for a relaxing adult vacation and Couples is certainly a favorite.

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    Default We do both

    Chicago winters are brutal, so we go to Couples in November and then a Royal Caribbean Cruise in late January/early February for my wifes birthday. We have stayed multiple times at Couples San Souci, but in 2010 we are going to try Couples Tower Isle. I would say that Couples is vastly superior to a cruise. Food AND liquor are included, while on the ship most food and none of the liquor are included. On board ship, all shore excursions cost you more money, while at Couples they are included. And lastly, the workers at Couples San Souci are just the friendliest in the world. We fall in love with them every year. Enjoy your vacation, be open to try new things, and create memories for a lifetime ( or at least until you next visit ). We will be there November 14th - 21st. Cannot wait.

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