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    Default November 2013 CSA Wedding

    Hi there!

    Myself and my H2B are flying out from UK to CSA at the end of October 2013 for our wedding on 5 November. It seems like ages away!

    My bridesmaid is unsure if she'll be able to make it as is planning to start trying for a family so most likely will be just the two of us!

    Got the 4pm wedding slot booked (fingers crossed no rain shower!) and plan to have a sunset dinner on the beach later that night.

    Booked Misha Earle to take some photos as we felt the resort photographer was jut too expensive for what you

    Would like to do the traditional thing and not see my H2B on the day of the wedding until I see him at the alter (in his kilt!) but not sure if we can do that now its just the two of us! Althou I intend to have a day of pampering in the spa!

    Would love to hear from anyone who will be at CSA at same time or any other CSA brides with their experiences, hints and tips! This forum has been a brilliant help in our decision to come to CSA!


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    My fiancé and myself are getting married Nov 7th! We will be there nov4-11. We picked the 11am slot-read it shows the water the best but who knows! I'm sure it's all beautiful

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