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    Default I don't want to do clothes smell so good!

    We just got back from CSA on Sunday and I'm sad to do laundry because my clothes smell so good! They totally picked up the smell of the room and makes me happy. Has anyone else noticed this?

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    Yes! We are going to be there in two weeks and I was just thinking this morning how much I'm going to enjoy the smell of teak when we get there (this will be our third trip).

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    YES!!!! Love it

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    Yes! I can still smell Jamaica when I think about my luggage, that was two years ago! lol

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    Ok, you're just weird... but I am too. LOL. I also love the smell of my clothes when I get home and open the suitcases.... that tropical smell... a mix of the room, local plants, salt water and suntan lotion... mmmm. It's kinda sad to wash them and bring them back to the typical Canadian ultra clean "Tide and Downy" smell.

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    I just hate unpacking period.. because it reminds me of when I packed the suitcase, which was before the trip when I was so excited to be to there so soon!! Unpacking means I'm home and have to begin the wait all over again until we go back. I have noticed sometimes I pick up the smell of sunscreen which always makes me happy, the smell of the ocean and of course there is always sand at the bottom of our suitcases!! Hope you very much loved your trip to CSA!!!

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    Your message made me smile because I have thought the same thing after returning from "our favorite home". We have another trip planned to CSS next summer and I can't wait for those smells again.

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    We treated ourselves to having the laundry service during our last stay at CSA. When we unpacked they smelled wonderful and the smell lasted a really long time. You'd open the drawer weeks later and bury your nose in the clothing. Everything about Couples is magic.

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    yup, love it!!!!!!!

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    Yes! When we came back from our honeymoon last year at CSA, everything had that woodsy smell of the room. Recently I found our beach bag that had still been in the suitcase, and it still had that smell... it's amazing how smells can just bring you right back! I love it.

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