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    Default Underwater Camaras

    Does anyone know if they rent underwater camaras at CTI?

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    I have only been to CSA and they do not. They sell the disposable underwater ones at the gift shop but I would buy them ahead of time as they are more expensive at the resorts.

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    They sell the disposable cameras in the gift shop. I would suggest, as Surfhary has, to bring your own. I brought one that my love dropped on the hotel room floor and broke the waterproof case, so I had to buy one from CTI. It was quite pricey... approx. $20?

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    Buy a GoPro! Good to 195' and take full HD video

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    I second the GoPro!. Just make sure you purchase the dive shell for it otherwise your pictures will be blurry. Also for the best coloring
    buy a red filter for the lens. It will give a much more natural color to your pictures.
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