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    Default Best weather ?

    We were at Couples Negril first week of March 2012 7 it was actually kind of cool & rainey. Is that normal for that time of year, or just a fluke. Does anyone have a recommendation for great weather time ?

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    We were at CSA the first week of March as well and this was unusual. Been to CSA the same week the last 3 years and the other years were near perfection... warm, sunny days...

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    We've seen nothing more than warmth and sun over Thanksgiving week on 5 trips to the Caribbean in the last 8 years (3 of them at CN). We've never seen it rain more than an hour, and winds never exceeding 15mph. It's a couple weeks after the end of Atlantic hurricane season and the weather is usually really calm.

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    We've been to Negril 3 times in February and it's usually the driest time of year. That's why it's called. "High season " and it's the priciest too.

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    We went the 1st week of Jan 2010 and the weather was perfect. The bad part was that the days are so short.

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