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    Default Css food recommendations

    Any " MUST EATS" at any of the restaurants at CSS? I know from staying at other Couple's resorts to always try the soup, but would like to know anything else ? Thanks, less then 3 weeks to go !

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    french fries in a cone at the grill

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    At breakfast you must have one of Edgar's omelets since he is the "Egg Genius." Also at breakfast they have awesome chocolate croissants and great akee and salt fish. For lunch at the Beach Grill the Jerk Hamburger with fries is yummy. On Tuesday nighs at the Beach Party the curried goat is amazing.

    At Casanova they make the most amazing lamb chops! I always ask for 2 servings if they are on the menu! The Caribbean Spring Roll and escargot are also favorite appetizers at Casanova.

    There are just so many favorites! One thing is for sure, I don't think you will go hungry at CSS!

    All the best!

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    You pretty much can't go wrong eating at CSS (excluding the possibility of a food allergy on your part). Be relaxed about it and be adventurous. You've already paid for the food and if something is really not to your liking, it can be replaced. In six visits to CSS my wife and I have never "sent anything back" though. Is there an occasional "off" item... of course. But overall we have experienced the most delicious, elegantly prepared and beautifully presented meals one could expect. Even the lunch buffet brought over to Sunset Beach is amazing and somehow does not lose anything in the transition. I did not see it last year, but if goat is offered, try it! Where else might you have that choice? It may not be a popular item with guests, so I am worried that it is not going to be a choice in the future. That would be too bad. Two other things regarding dining at Couples I have to mention. Dress-up at least just a bit when dining, even at breakfast! Sure, you are on vacation, but CSS is such an elegant place, how much effort does it take to put on some decent threads? I always think I want to be dressed at least as well as the people serving me. Secondly, The wait staff at CSS is very professional (and very crisply dressed). They deserve respect, eye contact and at least a couple thank-yous. Hope this helps a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwieso View Post
    Any " MUST EATS" at any of the restaurants at CSS? I know from staying at other Couple's resorts to always try the soup, but would like to know anything else ? Thanks, less then 3 weeks to go !
    Yes yes yes on the soups! I have liked every soup I have ever tried there.

    At Casanova they used to have an appetizer that they took off the menu but it was a special last time we were there, it has Shrimp, Scallops, Calamari in a puff pastry with a cream sauce. It was off the charts. When I saw it on special I ordered two, and of course they were too happy to accomodate me!!!!

    At Palazzina they do a Pasta Station one day for lunch and some evenings as well. It too is outstanding.

    My absolute favorite lunch at any Couples Resort is the Jerk Chicken or Pork, and Jerk those fries as well no need for that sweet catsup when you have jerk sauce!

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    I forgot to mention liquid libations at breakfast in Palazzina. They have a table set up where you can make your own Mimosas and Bloody Mary's. They also have an area inside where you can have a smoothie or a yummy coffee drink like a latte or capuccino. I'm driving myself crazy thinking about the food at CSS! I can't wait for December!!!

    One Love,

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    Sounds crazy, but on our first visit, we had a spring roll that was an appetizer and it was so good I asked for another one for dessert!!

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    My favorite was the rum raisin ice cream at Palazzina during lunch. They always seemed to have 2 flavors on hand. Also the smoothies at the smoothie bar by the Mineral Pool.

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