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    Default Things to do in and around Negril???

    We'll be returning to CSA this Nov. for our 6th visit in 4 years. We love the resort and in the past have been content to make no plans other than to relax and play things by ear. Our last trip there, we invited 2 friends who'd never been before and they too loved the resort; theyíll be returning with us in Nov.

    Our friends are different kinds of travelers than we are and they have mentioned planning an excursion for this upcoming trip. As I mentioned, weíve never planned much (other than taking the catamaran cruise, and perhaps picking up jerk at 3 Dives or Bourbon Beach, or hanging out at Alfredís at night) as we are very happy just chilling on the beach all day. However, to appease my friends, Iíve decided to research some fun things to do off the resort. Iíve looked into a private boat ride (Sea Shell Charters) to Booby Cay with snorkeling, food, and drinks but itís a bit expensive. I donít want to spend hours riding someplace like Dunnís River Falls and YS Falls may be difficult for my friendís husband who has had knee replacement surgery. Ideally, weíd like to do some type of cruise with the 4 of us (other than to Margaretville) with food and drinks; however, a land tour/activity would be fine too.

    Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Try the One love bus bar crawl if you like to imbibe. Look it up on Trip Advisor for the details or do a search on this board. I haven't done it yet but are planning on it in April.

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    We always head to Seastar for their Saturday night live show and buffet. Good times!
    One can really just start walking and trying out places you discover. Definitely check out the cliffs area as it has a different vibe than the beach. Ivan's is a great place for dinner/drinks and a great view without the prices/crowds of Ricks. Eddie's Debar and C&D Country & Western Roadside Pub are great spots as well with great people running them. You could just hop on the One Love Bar Crawl bus and let them shuttle you around to several great spots. There are too many possibilities to mention really!

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    Have you heard of the One Love Pub Crawl? A bus picks people up at the various resorts around Negril and takes them to various bars on the cliffs. The cost is whatever you want to tip the driver and whatever drinks you buy at the bars. I understand they end at a bar to watch the sunset. It runs every Wednesday and maybe now on Fridays. Also, why not wait until your friend gets there and all 4 of you can see what 's available that he can do.

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