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    Default How is the weather right now?

    We are scheduled to arrive on Saturday and trying to make a decision. I was wondering how the weather is right now and if anyone has any thoughts about the next few days based on what they have seen or heard. Should we delay our arrival if possible?

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    Sitting on the deck at CSA right now weather is fine. No different than any other time we've been here. Typical short rains in the afternoons. Little windy at times but I would definitely come on down. Latest weather shows storm going North of the island. No worries Mon !!

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    We just got home from cn today! Weather was beautiful! 85ish everyday with a shower between 2 and 4 then sun again! I don't think Issac is going to affect Jamaica! Only trouble you might have is getting there if you have to go through Florida. But I think its not hitting there till Sunday!

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