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    Default CSS Room Question?

    We will be returning to CSS in October and our first trip we stayed in G block. We are scheduled to stay in a Beachfront (A or B) this time around. However, we really loved the layout of the room we stayed in originally - it seemed to be much more secluded also. Does anyone know if we can 'Downgrade" to a Ocean View Deluxe or Veranda (G or D) and what are your thoughts on the A/B block vs the others. I understand it is just the room however we are wanting to get the best room we can for our own personal taste. Thanks

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    It is possible to downgrade, if there is availability in the room category that you want. We had this same situation occur a couple of years ago. We are from Canada, and the travel sites here were offering a really good deal on the Beachfront rooms, much less expensive than any of the other categories, so we booked it. However, like you, we prefer the one bedroom suites or ocean verandahs in G block. We contacted the resort before we arrived, asking if we could do the downgrade. It was possible, but at a cost. We had to pay an extra $250 to downgrade (the original price that was wanted to downgrade was $800, so we were appreciative that they were able to take that much off for us), as the deal that we had gotten on the beachfront suite was that good.

    So, yes, you may be able to downgrade, but depending on the amount that you paid for the beachfront, you may have to pay extra to do it. Since then, we have always booked the one bedroom ocean suite - for us, there is no comparison between those rooms in G block with the wonderful balconies and view, and the beachfront rooms in A and B block.

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    Good question. On our first visit to CSS we were in G-block also and loved it. On another visit we decided to go for "the best room we could" and chose the Beachfront...ending up in A-block. We weren't so happy with the balcony in the beachfront but thoroughly loved the room.

    That being said, we've been back since but chose to "downgrade" to a Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suite or One Bedroom Ocean Suite, and have even been upgraded to a Penthouse. We found that we were more happy with the views from the cliffs than the proximity to the beach and this has guided our decision in room category ever since.

    Our advice...stay in the room type that you'll enjoy and will make your stay the best!

    Have a great visit!!

    Bart & Bug

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    You should contact Couples now if you want to change your room category. If you wait until you arrive, and the resort is near or at capacity, you might not be able to downgrade as there may be no rooms available. We stayed in the B block, and liked the room layout (separate sitting area with a couch and TV). Howver, the tiny balcony was kind of a bummer. We spend a lot of time on the beach, though, so we liked the convenience of the B block.

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