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    My wife and I stayed 5 nights on our first trip to CTI....this would put us at "First Love". I just booked our second stay at CTI for 5 nights. How/When do we get our "Young Love" stuff like the $100 resort credit, T-shirts, etc? Your help is much appreciated!

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    The next trip.

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    Go to the romance rewards at the bottom of the page. It has changed and they no longer give th $100.

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    The days don't count toward your points until after your stay is complete. So you'll qualify on the next trip!

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    You will be on the "first love" on this trip, after this trip you will have enough days stayed to be on the " one Love" package. The romance rewards packages are for night allready stayed at the resort. The number of days on this trip do not count untill your next visit, your rewards come from previously stayed days. Hope this helps

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    Not until your next trip, the trip you just booked will get the invite to the Repeaters Dinner and Trading Spaces.
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    You will not receive these "benefits" until you have stayed the required number of nights, not when you book them. Therefore you would get the "Young Love" benefits for your next trip. Enjoy your trip and the pending benefits are just going to help you plan the next one that much faster!!

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    Have you registered online for Romance Rewards? If so, check your status on the site. You receive your stuff upon check-in.

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    Thank you for the answers. I guess I will just have to plan our third trip that much faster! 192 days until we are back at CTI!!

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    You didn't say when your first trip was. Don't forget that your nights expire in 4 years, so anything prior to Aug of 08 will not count.

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    Our first trip was October 2009. So that means our nights will expire October 2013??

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavenRach View Post
    Our first trip was October 2009. So that means our nights will expire October 2013??
    That sounds about right.

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