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    Default suggestions for travel insurance - please!

    traveling to couples, yeah!!!!
    now this is the first time i will be looking for travel insurance.
    here's the situation...
    november 19-26, in wisconsin, could be major snow! flight delays or cancellations.
    we purchased one way tickets from separate airlines, so i didn't get insurance on each leg. Rather, I think i'm looking for a more inclusive package.
    i will be 32 weeks pregnant. let's not even go there with all that could potentially happen. clearly i need insurance.
    any suggestions would be helpful. thanks

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    We always purchase from Travel Guard, their Savvy Traveler package. Well priced and has the coverages we need. We have never had to file a claim (knocking on wood), so can't comment on that.

    Go Bucky!

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    We use Travelsafe protection.

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    go to this site compares about 250 different travel insurance polices. Travel insurance is usually based on age and cost of trip. . Hope this helps

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    Go to accessamerica dot com.

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    I go to insure my trip, it lets you compare different policies. I have had to file a claim on my travel guard policy twice and it has been very simple.

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    I second Squaremouth. Be sure to check the coverage for existing medical conditions (yes, pregnancy is considered an existing condition).

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    Yep, we're in a mess right now w/'s just a pain to have to claim, but I'd say totally worth it in the the airlines is another story...they only want to do a credit, but you have to wait a WHOLE friggen year to get a refund...grrrr...g/l on your decision!

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