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    Default LaToya still at CN?

    We were at CN in Feb. of 2011 and we had a wonderful red flag lady named LaToya and we were wondering if she will be there if we return in 2013?

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    We were at CN in April of 2011 and we were disappointed that we did not see her there then. We had spent the previous 3 years going to CSA & CSS and hadn't been to CN since 2006 which is when we first met LaToya. We thought that maybe she had moved to one of the other resorts.
    I hope someone on the MB has an update. She is great and made our time on the beach very enjoyable. I really don't remember using the flag after planting it the first time. She always seemed to know when we were ready for another drink, fruit kabob, or a cold towel. Before we could set the flag, there she was with drinks and her beautiful smile.
    She was on the top of our list on the comment card we left on departure.

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    Does anyone know where LaToya is?

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    We missed her in april also, she was on maternity leave we were told.

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    LaToya is a somewhat common name in Jamaica, but if you mean the bartender that has twins and (in January) was pregnant with another set of twins, she was on maternity leave in January 2012.

    Her given 1st name is actually Tesha (sp?), but someone else was working at CN with that name when she joined so she used her middle name to avoid confusion - which may not have worked in this case.

    Is this the same LaToya?

    Name:  Latoya_sept2011 (2).jpg
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    I believe she was there last October.
    I am ready to see our favorites in a few weeks, Celia and Evan.

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    Here is our pic of LaToya back in 2006.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjammin View Post
    Here is our pic of LaToya back in 2006.
    Rjammin - same Latoya/Tesha.

    Should clarify/correct that she was pregnant in Jan. but not yet on maternity leave (was due in May).

    There was also a different Latoya at the guest relations desk (a HEART intern).

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    Hi had a message from Latoya yesterday, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a couple of months ago and all is well.
    She is back at Couples Negril this week so that should make everyone happy

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