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    Default Becky & Dave CSS July 18, 2012

    Our wedding at CSS was amazing! Here is a recap of the experience for any future CSS brides out there!

    First off, traveling with my dress. This was a little tricky at some points. We were supposed to fly a small communter plane to our first stop before heading to Jamaica. American Airlines would not let me carry on the dress and I was going to have to put it underneath with the baggage. Well our flight ended up getting cancelled and we flew on a larger plane instead and I had no problem hanging it in the front of the plane. The only issues that I had were carrying it for our 6 hour layover in Miami. This got to be a pain and a small child did drop a cup of orange pop and it got all over the bag but did not soak thru to the dress.

    When we arrived at the resort (Saturday Night) we had a note in our room that we were going to meet with the wedding coordinator Monday at 11 am for our Wednesday wedding. I had made hair and make up appointments in advance so we just had to sit down and pick out the details. We arrived for our appointment at 10:30 am and she was ready to see us (I cannot remember her name for the life of me!). There was also a trainee in the room observing. We went through the choices, location (we picked the gazebo by the ocean), flowers (I brought my own but we got the purple ones for the trash session we were doing), we picked vanilla cake and champagne. The coordinator had my husband meet her in the game room at 10:30am the day of the wedding (we stayed in separate rooms the night before) and she was coming to my room at 10:45 for our 11 am wedding.

    Day Of: Hair and make up appointment was for 8:30am, went in and the ladies in the salon were wonderful. I printed out a picture of how I wanted my hair and let her know about a few minor changes and she got it spot on. Make up was okay, I did add a little more once we got back to the room since I felt she went a little light.

    We hired Diana Campbell to do our photography and she arrived at about 8:45am coming all the way from Negril. Diana mainly did the video and her son Richard did the photography. Diana even helped me do up my corset since my maid of honor didn't really know how to do it. (Side note, she did do it a little too tight and I was pretty uncomfortable in a lot of the pictures). Overall, I was impressed with the photos, I was happy that I went with her. There is a link to view the pictures below.

    As we were getting ready to leave the salon, it started raining. The wedding coordinator came down with an umbrella, but luckily it stopped raining right before we left. But it now meant it was SUPER humid out. We were driven as close as possible to the stairs leading down to the gazebo but I was still sweating like crazy by the time we got to the steps. The whole ceremony took about 15 minutes and our cake and champagne about 15 too. We took pictures for an hour and then went and changed into our trash clothes and took pictures until about 3pm when Diana and Richard left.

    Overall, I could not have asked for a more stress free day. I would recommend Couples to anyone who wants to get married and have a stress free wedding!

    Here is the link to the pictures, Diana got them to me before we left Jamaica.
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    Beautiful pictures Becky- you looked amazing!!

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    Our 25th wedding Anniversary at CSA 8/15/ was so beautiful!!!Attachment 17686Attachment 17687Attachment 17688Attachment 17689Attachment 17690

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