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    Default Helloooo January 2014? Anyone?

    We are returning for our 4th trip home in January. Not sure of exact dates yet because we may have to reschedule due to work conflicts...thank goodness for trip insurance! Anyway...we will be there either January 18th-25th or the 25th thru Feb 1st.

    Now we have been to CN during those weeks before and always see some familiar faces...hope that is the case this time too!!
    Holly Irvin

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    Hi hillystyles,

    There is already a "is it to early for a January 2014 meet up thread?"

    Check it out as there are a few of us on there.

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    I also posted in the other thread - But we too will be returning for our 4th trip to CN in January (14th-24th) we look forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces again!

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    Myself and my almost-husband will be there! We'll be on our honeymoon January 13 to 20. SO EXCITED!

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    I posted on the other thread also, but will here too as it is more exciting to say it again! ;-) My husband and I will be there the 18th-25th. We are Couples virgins, and can't wait! We are 36 & 39 years old and we try to travel 2-3 times per year. This will be our first stay together in Jamaica. Woot woot!

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    Hello all! We will be joining in mid January from the 16th to the 21st. Can't wait to return home to Bloody Bay! See you in a few weeks.

    Ryan (35) and Leah (35) - Pittsburgh, PA

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