Hello everyone.

Anyone interested in TEAM CSA April 2013, here is the thread. As always, I will post what we are all about in future posts. First, I must thank everyone who made 2012's TEAM the most successful ever. Last years donations totaled $2,355.00, making our grand total since we started $$7,965.00 in donations to the ISSA Fountation which helps get medical supplies to the children of Jamaica. You can look up the past TEAM CSA threads lower in this meet up section to get an idea of what we do. The goal for 2013 is to surpass the $10,000.00 mark in total donations.

Dorothy and I have met many wonderful couples since we started TEAM CSA back in 2006. Couples that are now our closest friends, friends that we think and talk about daily. Friends across the country and world that we visit (or try to visit) during the 50+ weeks that we are not at CSA. We have become a family. We love all of you and miss you. THIS IS WHAT TEAM CSA IS ALL ABOUT!!

We firmly believe that all of us have made a difference in the lives of the kids in Jamaica. Dorothy and I want everyone to know that doing this has really changed our lives. We are better people, more loving, more proud, more complete because of Couples Sweptaway, TEAM CSA, and what everyone has done for the ISSA Foundation, and we know that all of you feel the same. THIS IS WHAT TEAM CSA IS ALL ABOUT!!

So let's start TEAM CSA April 2013.

Post your names, where you live, when in April you will be at CSA, and how many times you have been to CSA. We really welcome first timers. I promise anyone new to this will have a great time in the next 8+ months learning about the greatest little slice of heaven on earth and if you are not careful, you will meet some wonderful people, good people who all share a common bond. That bond being, the love they have for each other, the respect they have for others, the island, the resort, the staff, etc............

I will start.

Tom & Dorothy...tomdorothy......Wi.....NOT BOOKED YET.......9th trip.

And one more thing to all who have been or are a part of past TEAM CSA's. PHOTOS I WANT PHOTOS!!