In EXACTLY two months from this very moment my hubby & I will be in the air on our way to CSA for the very first time!! Lift off from Chicago at 7:00a.m. on Oct. 21st!! I am so excited and can't wait!!

On one hand it seems as though there is so much I want to see and do while we are there and then on the other hand I just can't wait to plop my rear end down on the beach, relax and enjoy the view with a foo foo drink by my side! I just have this feeling already that one week will NOT be enough.

Thanks to everyone for all the helpful postings and advice on here. Up until now I have pretty much been just a "reader" a few times a week, I'm sure that will change drastically in the next 2 months. I can feel the obsession and anticipation growing more and more as the big day gets closer.

Looking forward to being Swept Away...... 60 days 23 hours and 20 min.

~Deb & Rick~