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    We're arriving in CN on Sunday and are concerned about the weather. Looks like thunderstorms and wind for the majority of the week. Does it rain for a little while then clear up? Or does it usually rain all day there? Never been to Jamaica so any feedback is appreciated. Thanks. Joe.

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    We are headed to CSA on Sunday, and my parents go there every year. They said if it rains it usually bows over. Also I know that when we were in Mexico it called rain all week and didn't rain till the last day. I am hoping this all blows over and doesn't affect out perfect honeymoon!

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    We are flying in to Swept Away on Sunday as well, for our honeymoon. I see they are forecasting Tropical Depression 9 to turn into Hurricane Isaac by Sunday, Category 2 with 110 MPH winds. We are really worried we won't be able to fly in on Sunday, and the storm will destroy our honeymoon.

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    We are flying in Saturday and are worried too. The weather channel predicts a possible category 2 hurricane!! I think normally rain clears up in Jamaica but I don't think so in the case of a hurricane. Any input would be much appreciated!

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    I work for emergency management in a county in North Carolina. While there are several computer programs out there that are restricted to government there are many that I use on a daily basis.

    Try these links:

    Weather under ground for montego bay airport:

    Weather underground tropical storm model display:

    Florida water resource department:

    Accuweather has their own model:

    There is also Mike's weather page which has a lot of good information but it is an eyesore.

    Lastly, if you can afford it, I recommend Stormpulse. This comes the closest to the software I use at work. It has a free trial for seven days.

    There are a lot others if you take a look at google.

    I really feel for you. My wife and I are supposed to be at CSA sept 8-15 so we are watching the tropics closely as well. Good luck!


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    We also fly in on Sunday to CN for our 1st time. Watching the weather closely as well. Tropical Storm Isaac scares me more than the forecast for thunderstorms. Maybe they are an after effect? From other posts I've read sounds like little rain in the afternoons most days but doesn't ruin the day. Praying the tropical storm dies down and we have beautiful weather! See you there!

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    We arrive to CN on Saturday and it seems that a hurricane may be coming....really hoping all the weather forecasters are wrong but not looking good for our honeymoon. I think it is common for some rain but this is a different story all together.

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    Ohhhh I see now. Some dude named Isaac is looking to ruin our fun!

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    we can have a hurricane party! we will be arriving on Saturday the 25th. well hopefully arriving. It normally rains in the afternoon anyway but I think the weather is going to be pretty sloppy.

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    I too wish theyd post an official thread, we fly out Saturday!

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    We are with jayray! I say hurricane party. My husband and I will be there on Friday, the 24th. He will have a black congo style hat. lol! He's always tryin to match a theme. I'm guessing this one is rain forest. Matches the environment exactly. (Clearly we are first timers lol!) Better to be in the rain in Jamaica than to be in the rain in New Jersey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sympa View Post
    I too wish theyd post an official thread, we fly out Saturday!
    Me too! I keep hitting "refresh" hoping to find an official thread from Couples...

    @jayray, count us in for the hurricane party - we're (hopefully!) flying in on Saturday too. We've decided not to cancel and change our vacation plans - we're taking our chances and hopefully getting in before the storm hits! Hopefully we'll see you there!

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    Oops! I wanted to add a big thank you to Eric (beerslayer) for posting those helpful weather tracking websites. Some were totally new to me... I hope you guys have great weather for your trip in Sept!

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    See some of you at the airport or CN Saturday!! It should be okay from what Ive seen the last couple days... And yeah, their MB seemed 'behind' the past couple days?

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    I was there the first week of aug and had ernesto come make a visit to the island, we had a little rain but did not last long. dont worry about it the resort is built to stand up to bad weather. You all will have a great time I am sure. and also it looks as if the storm has turned north and Jamaica may not even feel any effects or very little just like ernesto earlyer in the month

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sympa View Post
    I too wish theyd post an official thread, we fly out Saturday!
    Their Hurrican Policy is here:

    And Randymon has repeated their Hurricane Policy in several threads (like this one):

    The policy doesn't go into effect unless Jamaica is in the "Cone of Influence" on the 3-Day Tracking Map. Jamaica is not within the cone for Isaac (nor is it likely to be) so despite having a Tropical Storm Watch, you may not see any official post on it.

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    Thanks Cindy! Glad to help. I'm not too worried at this point about isaac. My concern is the area of low pressure near the cape verde islands. The Current plots take it north west and should not come near Jamaica. But it is really early and the system just bears monitoring. This plot should keep tracking this system but the link may change if the system strengthens into a td or ts.

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    Beers layer thanks for the websites. They put my mind at ease
    Felicia and Josh
    Couples Negril Oct. '08
    Couples TI Nov. '09
    CTI and CSS Nov/Dec '10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Princessflick143 View Post
    Beers layer thanks for the websites. They put my mind at ease
    Glad to help!

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