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    Default Which Restaurant At CSA Is Best For Lobster?

    Going for the first time in March and wondered if the experienced among you could tell me which is the best place to eat lobster at CSA? Also I remember reading about a dessert selection? is that served at CSA, its lots of little desserts on a rack! Thanks Elaine

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    Feathers will have their lobster with a sauce over it. Great presentation and very tasty. Feathers is the one with the desert tower. We would get one and share it between 6 people.

    Patois Patio and the Palms serve grilled lobster. I think Lemongrass serves their's with a oriental twist!!

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    Sorry--I thought that I had a photo of the desert tower when it was full. There are items on each shelf. Very good!!
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    Sounds great, thanks for the pic!

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