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    checked it out, great for Jamaicans but why they not stop in Miami of all places??!!! Isn't there a big population of Jamaicans in the Miami area? Seems reasonable to me! Right now Jet blue is the ONLY airline flying direct to MBJ from Orlando and American, Carribean and Spirit form either Ft lauderdale or Miami. Slim pickins on flights from here and we're not that far away!!! Something wrong with that!!

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    Air Tran also flys a direct flight to MBJ.

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    I liked the early Air Jamaica flight that used to be out of Philly. We have other direct flights but just not at the early time.

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    From their website, which is not yet complete, it looks like they are flying out of Kingston for now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umberto View Post
    Air Tran also flys a direct flight to MBJ.
    AirTran no longer flys out of Orlando! as of this past May!

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    Hi blondie56,
    I just went to the airtran website (8/31/12) and they still had the non-stop flight from Orlando to MBJ leaving at 11:35am. We live in Orlando and we alternate between Jetblue and airtran as to who has the best fares and flight times! Most times Jetblue gets our hard-earned dollars! Plus we like the extra leg room and free snacks!:-) Happy travels!

    One Love!

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