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    Default Blue Mountain tour.

    Was thinking of doing the Blue Mountain tour. Is this tour far from CTI? how long is the tour? Please advise
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    We went over 10 years ago, so recollection is a bit fuzzy. I think it was about a 2hr to 2:30 ride to the top, including a stop for brunch. Its a crazy drive. Then the bike ride down was 3 hours or so, maybe less. We stopped halfway for lunch (where we had brunch) at a school and met the kids, swam at a waterfall. Its a really good trip if you want to experience Jamaica, safely, outside of the tourist areas. However, it does require you to leave for an entire day. So if you're staying over a week, then it makes sense. Or if you're the type that can't stand lying in the sun drinking and eating all day, then it makes sense no matter how long you're staying. You'll need to bring some small bills. Everyone on that trip asks for money, especially the kids.

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