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    Default who has spent Valentine's Day at CSS?

    Valentine's Day 2013 falls on a Thursday, which is the Repeater Dinner day. I bet that's a romantic over the top affair! I'd love to hear from anyone who has spent Valentine's Day there!

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    Hi Cape Cod Sue,
    Hubby and I were there for Valentine's Day 2010 for our anniversary. It was quite the affair! If my memory serves, I believe there was quite the awesome dinner on the lawn and nice entertainment. Dinner was buffet style I think, but up to the calibre of the Starlight Gala. At turn down, we got a cute stuffed teddy bear!

    Have a great trip!

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    Hi Cape Cod Sue!

    We were there for Valentine's Day in 2011. We actually decided to do the Private Dinner on the beach that day, but the resort was definitely "done up" for the day. They went over-the-top with decorating, had a photo op station set-up to take posed pics with your spouse/significant other, I beleive they even had a band, similar to the Starlight Gala on Fridays, but they played a lot of slow songs so you could spend some time dancing. I don't remember for sure, but I believe the restaraunts were still open, as if a normal night. So,the repeaters dinner would still be an option and not interfere with the other festivities. It was really fun to be there on Valentine's Day!

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