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    Default Wedding Ceremony Video Sample

    For those of you who are interested, I have posted a link of our wedding ceremony video. Please check under "Our Wedding at Couples" -> "Bonnie & Keith 12/18/08 @CSA"


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    We are getting married in November at CN. I have been there a few times before. What time of day did you have your ceremony? We have planned on sunset but I have read trip advisor reviews about it being buggy late in the day.

    Any advice?


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    Our wedding was at 11am. We didn't use any bug spray during the entire trip and didn't notice any bugs at all. It really depends on what you want regarding the time of the wedding, I can however list a few of the advantages of different time slots based on our experience at CSA.

    Morning 10/11am

    - Vibrant water color
    - Cooler
    - Feel more special as you don't see as many couples getting married walking around
    - Less chance of rain
    - Get it done and over with then you get to enjoy the rest of your wedding day

    Evening 3/4 pm

    - Softer light on skin
    - Beach is less crowded
    - Has a more intimate and romantic feel
    - The day might flow better if you have many guests and don't want a gap between the ceremony and dinner reception

    My preference of course is 11am (that's why I picked it in the first place). 10 am would actually be a better choice if you are a morning person unlike me who gets up at 11am on a daily basis. Personally, I would stay away from 12-2pm and anytime after 4pm. The sunlight is too harsh around noon (= bad lighting for pictures) and can get very hot for couples in their wedding attire. As for too late in the evening, you get limited time for picture taking after the wedding and you also need a very good photog to take fabulous sunset pictures. By having your wedding in the morning, you can always wear your gown and take pictures during sunset anyway. Hope it helps

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