My hubby and I are headed to CTI for the first time in September (been to CSA twice and are giving the other side of the island a try)! We really dislike doing touristy excursions. Did YS Falls, Black River and Appleton Estate from CSA on our first trip and while it was fine, we really didn't like being shuttled and herded around. I'm afraid that would probably be the case at Dunn's River as well so we're fine with skipping it. We've never bothered with Rick's (view from the catamaran was sufficient) and wouldn't step foot in Margaritaville. However, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE visiting the little, hidden gems that the locals frequent. We've had several lunches at Best in the West and ventured to Three Dives on the cliffs last time (which had amazing jerk chicken and views!)

Can any of the repeaters recommend some great local gems in Ocho Rios that we should venture to rather than the typical tourist spots? I know I definitely want to go to Lobster Dave's and have also heard others mention Scotchies. Any others? They don't have to revolve around food. Adventures, hikes, tours that might be more off the beaten path (but still safe) would be great, too!

Thanks for your help!