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    Default Couples t- shirt

    We are headed to CSS and CSA in 3 weeks. For our Romance Rewards I am trying to pre register, and decide on the t-shirt or the candles and oils. Our last t-shirt said Couples Resorts on the front, and VIP on the back ( very Irie person). Has anyone recently stayed at CSA or CSS and received the free t-shirt, and what did it look like.

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    We just got back from CSS a few weeks ago. Here's what our t-shirts looked like this year (no the VIP design):




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    We get the T-shirts and we like them. It seems every year they have been different, which is nice. The older ones from a few years ago seemed to be a little better because they had more design to them. They are a little plain the last couple trips. But either way we appreciate them along with the other amazing rewards we get as repeaters. So here is a big Thanks out to Couples!!

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    We got the T-shirts last year and then used them for the Tie-Dye class and they came out beautiful!!! Just sayin!!!

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    The t-shirts look great. Do you order these in advance? How do you know the size?
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    On one of our visits to a Couples resort a couple brought their old Couples t-shirts with them and tie-dyed them to give them color. They looked really neat! We appreciate Couples providing them as a repeater's reward and think that's a great way of keeping a white t-shirt, which can get dingy over time, alive longer and enjoying the fun of Couples while at the resort and after going home.

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    Jackie, thank you so much for the pictures- I guess I will be picking t-shirt for my Romance Reward's gift. Yes, I am wearing my tie dyed Couples shirt today , that I also did at the tie dye class. It is funny, the closer it get to my trip, the more frequently I am wearing it- less then 3 weeks : )

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    Jackie, did they have tie dye class at CSS?

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