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    Ok - on our way back to CSS - my favorite place in the world. Last time we never made it to Casanova - just out of pure laziness/relaxed nights. Ok - so I know plain flip flops (like Old Navy, Nike, Target) are out - what about the "fancier" ones that are everywhere? The ones that are kinda - pretty - flowers or stones on them? I guess technically they are flip flops - but they are dressed up. Acceptable at Casanova? I hate heels - especially on vacation. Thanks!

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    For ladies I've seen them there no problem. I wouldn't worry!
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    You can take a pair of nice sandals that are not rubber and have no heels. They do not weigh much and don't take up any room in your luggage so be respectful of the few rules that apply at Couples and dress appropriately. No flip flops means no flip flops! If you would not wear it to the nicest restaurants in your town or city than don't wear it at Casanova either.

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    Those are perfectly acceptable and exactly what most wear, including me. I use the "other" flip flops for all other times, and then my pretty ones for all the restaurants. I don't wear heels, so this is always what I have done and it's just fine.

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    I hate heels too...what about pretty sandals?

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    I dont think that would be an issue as long as they look pretty. I found some lovely low sandals that i wore, no heels but i saw some lovely flip flops at casanova. I don't know how some girls can wear high heels there, And I love high heels but I can't navigate the stones, I am pretty klutzy.

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    I've seen dressier wedge flip flops and sandals--not your ordinary flip flops at Casanova. I found some cute low heeled sandals at Aersoles with a sparkly star fish. I totally agree with you--I hate to wear heels!

    Have a great vacation! The food at Casanova is AMAZING!

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    Thanks everyone. I love it there - and now I'm sure - I'll love Casanova!

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