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    Default January 5-12, 2013

    Hi there,

    Heading to CTI January 5. This is a first time for my husband and I, and we are extremely excited. Anyone else scheduled to be there at this time?


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    My wife and I are planning to go Jan 5-12 also. We are returners and hope to bring friends with us down for their first time. What is your e-mail, we can keep in touch re: CTI.

    Eric and Karen

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    Where are you from? Husband and I are mid to late 40's

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    Hi Eric.... Our email is

    We are mid to late 40s. Love golf. How about you all?

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    We just booked! We're also late 40s, love snorkeling. We're from Boston area and eager to have a sunny break.

    Nelson & Janet


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    Hi Nelson and Janet. Hope we get to meet while we are at CTI. Have a very dear friend in Boston!!

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