Hi Everyone -

I was at CSA last August for my honeymoon, and we're going back for my birthday in 70 days!!! YAY!!!!! Can't wait!! I went to a competitor this past June and I missed CSA every day..


I'm looking at the sample menus and it looks like there are new additions to the menus.. and I was wondering are these additions oldies but goodies..? I heard in the past the onion rings at the grill were awesome, are they really back? The Media Noche Sandwich looks awesome, and the tropical chicken pineapple salad looks fantastic. Has anyone had these choices since they've been added? Do they still have the nachos and jerk burger?

Also - at Seagrapes, they have this Yummy Focaccia Sandwich sandwich with veggies and marinara sauce.. do that still have it?

I know the menus are only samples, and they have other things, but it looks like they've made some improvements to the menus or brought back some old favorites!

One of the things I LOVE about Couples is that they rotate the menu, and change things up! The food is awesome! And it's one of the many draws to CSA!!!!