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    Default Just got back from our honeymoon at CSA!

    This place is amazing. We can't wait to go back. My wife and I loved how chill the staff was and how respectful everyone was. We are a young couple, 31&25, and there is something to say about being in a place that isn't about finding your next hookup or taking advantage of the free liquor. Everyone is on the same page, ready to spend time with their husband or wife, lounge on the beach or meet new people.

    Some things that we wanted to note:
    - GET A BEACHFRONT VERANDA SUITE.... Worth every penny
    - bathrooms in ALL rooms seem a lil dated
    - book all excursions through hotel, they use the most credible tour groups
    - make reservations and feathers and lemongrass early..... We did feathers and we heard lemongrass was amazing too!
    - fellas bring pants that aren't jeans, u will need them for fine dining
    - fellas, splurge on a private beach dinner
    - pack super light
    - young couples, no need to worry about age...everyone is there for the same reasons so u will have fun
    - GO TO blazing piano....super fun!
    - bug spray is key...hit the ankles the heaviest

    Can't wait to go back!!!!!

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    Thanks for your post. We arrive at CSA 9/3 for our first time there.... Im seriously hoping when we arrive we can upgrade our garden verandah to something on the beach and I love the pic of the chairs and hammock and beach and water visible - hoping one is available when we check in!

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    You will have a blast no matter what room you are in. . . but waking up with an ocean view is pretty amazing! If you want to book things in advance, call Andre at the Concierge desk, he is a good guy.

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    Loved CSA.. you will too!! It's my favorite!! Even though we went on our honeymoon, we still didn't spend a lot of time in the room other than the early early mornings and in the evening after dinner! The beach got the majority of our time!

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