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    Default Jewelry stores near CSA

    Hello all! Are there any good, reputable jewelry stores near CSA? If so, what is the best way to access them, private cab, the shopping trip excursion?

    This is our only big trip I think we can do in the next decade so I want to make it as special as the budget will allow for a nice souvenir for the wife.

    Thanks all. I love this board and all of the comments I have read.


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    I bought a very nice Tissot gold watch at a good price (after haggling) from Casa de Oro in Times Square which is close to Negril. We went via the shopping tour. I was au fait with prices for this and similar watches in various countries before I went in and know I got a very good deal.

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    shopping trip to duty free is your best bet

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    I'm still thinking about that cold Red Stripe when I see you. Not sure how much can be said on this site about retail, but, my mWife and I have been going to Jamaica for a few years and we have always had a good experience at Tropicana jewlers at the Times Square Mall. Ask for Deepak and tell him the guy from Ohio sent you.

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    I also had a good experience with Tropicana a the Times Square Mall. Just crab a cab,shouldn't cost more than$5 one way.

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    Times Sqaure is where the duty free stores are and is on the shopping shuttle

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    One of the local jewelery stores come to CSA two evenings a week. You will find them set up by the Palms and on Friday evening during the Shipwreck party they are set up on the sidewalks. He has good prices. A friend of mine bought a blue diamond ring from him and had it appraised at home. The ring was worth more than twice as much as she paid and the stones were authentic.
    Happy shopping?

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    Thanks all! Hopefully we can find something nice. I noticed on another thread about the pandora charms so I might get her one of those if the mall shops are too $. She has been wanting something pandora, we just have been getting these charms from the local hallmark store so far.

    Bardar, thanks, I picked up the name in college.

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    I saw a watch I loved at times sq a few years back. Got their "best" deal, and it was 25% more than buying it on Amazon.

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