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    Default Topless on CTI main beach

    I just leared this by another post. However, in past years when it was COR and I think even as recent as 2009 I can remenber seeing Topless on the main beach at CTI. Why is topless on the main beach OK at all of the other Couples's resorts, and not at CTI. Why would anyone want to be stuck at the end of a pier not even anywhere on the pier when you have such a beautiful beach. It seems that this one resort policy pretty much stops topless at CTI? Why can't sunbathers enjoy the sand and the water as well?
    Mark & Sylvia

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    Smaller beach area would be my primary guess...

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    I always thought it was odd. It's not as though you see much toplessness at any of the resorts.

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    So agreed with that !!!! I like to sun topless on the beach!!!!

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    I never understood why we had to go to the pier to sunbathe topless either.. the ones going over to the island always are right there and I felt I was on display, whereas on the beaches at the other Couples Resorts I felt more comfortable.

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    Randymon, Can we get an understanding of this policy? Why only CTI ban on the Topless Beach?

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    How about allowing it on the West Side of the beach the pier side that way we could do both?

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    I would guess that it's because the beach is so close to all the public areas--lobby, restaurants etc. On the same note, why is topless not allowed at the pools?

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    RubiGal04, as far as those going over to the island, don't give them a thought. Don't forget the island is AN, and there is more on "display" there, but no one cares. They may just wonder why you don't join them on the island and bare all. It is much more comfortable and absolutely not judgemental there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vickyj View Post
    I would guess that it's because the beach is so close to all the public areas--lobby, restaurants etc. On the same note, why is topless not allowed at the pools?
    I wonder that too, especially if they are Adult Resorts...

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    Some people complained to the general manager, around 1999 about topless on the beach, so to satisfy everyone they came up with the pier compromise.

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    I am not opposed to topless on the beach at all... but I don't think it would be fair to those who are against it. I would think a secluded section would be needed to accommodate anyone who wishes to go topless, but there is no secluded area on that beach at all.
    If you feel uncomfortable on the pier, why not just go to the island. You can find a secluded spot to the right and turn your lounger toward the ocean and not worry about a thing. There is a far greater chance of you not being seen there. than at the end of the pier.

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    It is not about topless or topped being secluded. Topless is allowed on the main beach at every other Couple's resort on the main beach regardless of size. Those that wish to go topless and their spouses deserve and also like to enjoy the beach at the resort they are staying at and should be able to stay together. The beach at CTI is large enough and the end of the pier is well within eye sight of the entire resort. (You easily see all details on the pier from the main building, several wedding areas, the beach, the pool, & the ocean view rooms) (You don't see individuals on the beach unless you are on the walkway or on the beach itself) If anything being on the end of the pier places you and your spouse on greater display then the island, just look at any picture with the pier in it; they are from all parts of the resort. Being asked to go out there is just a way for banning topless at CTI without actually saying it. Why would Couple's want to make guests participating in an allowed activity feel unwelcomed?

    If it is allowed great it should be allowed and treated the same at each resort's main beach asking for topless to be on a certain end on the beach is fine. If they really do not want it at CTI then just say that and that would be fine as well. As it stands it only makes those that wish to go topless feel unwelcomed.

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    You really shouldn't segregate people just because someone else is "uncomfortable".
    I'm "uncomfortable" with people who have piercings (nose, belly button, tongue) so should we put them at a "secluded" section of the beach?
    Live & let live. Women's bathing suits went to the ankles in the 1920"s. Should we go back to that era? The New York Supreme Court has ruled that anywhere a man can go topless, so can a woman. Seems to make good sense....
    Captain Jim
    "I will grow old....
    But I won't grow up"

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    It is my understanding that Topless is permitted at CN and CSA as the beach there is public where as CTI is private beach, there is some controversy that exists among peoples opinions that all beaches in Jamaica are open to the public 10 ft up from the water line so you can pass by any resort, that is not a issue or controversy I would want to be involved in, I just know that for the 30 years I have visited Negril topless has not been an issue and has been permitted on Long Bay and Bloody Bay beaches and walking the waters edge, its not nearly as prevalent as years back but it does exist. CTI as I see it is a different issue as you can not pass thru Couples beach to another on either end hence the capability to restrict it. I do not think one should be segregated if they were to partake in topless if they are comfortable that way, I do not see the nude areas as segregation as that is what those beach goers have requested for their privacy and gawkers. If you are from the US, Canada or Europe and are accustomed to topless than so be it.

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    Hey Randymon - has there been any discussion about changing the topless on the pier only policy at CTI?

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    Wanna go topless? Go to the island..........NO gawkers, no judgement and the best of both worlds. Seclusion or Social atmosphere at the pool.

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    Since topless is not allowed on the CTI main beach, are CTI guests able to shuttle to CSS to go topless on the main beach there? The main pier doesn't seem to be a good compromise - it does seem to be CTI is trying to discourage toplessness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadude View Post
    Since topless is not allowed on the CTI main beach, are CTI guests able to shuttle to CSS to go topless on the main beach there? The main pier doesn't seem to be a good compromise - it does seem to be CTI is trying to discourage toplessness.
    If this is your deal-breaker, might I recommend booking CSS?

    You could use a day pass, otherwise.

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    For those saying "just go to the island".... if you just want to go topless but not nude, your only option is to go topless on the pier. It's not really a good option at all... your hubby has to sit on a pier instead of on the beach if he wants to be with you, or you go to the beach and can't lay out topless. Some like to do topless, but don't do nude... so saying "go to the island" is not an answer. Just seems strange to be able to lay out topless at all other three Couples beaches, but not at CTI.... here's a nudge to Couples to change this long standing policy at CTI to allow topless on the beach.

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    1stimers: The island is au naturel/nude only. won't work for someone who just wants to go topless. Now...I would highly recommend the island anyway or they should at least try it.

    Canadude: You can go over to CSS once during your stay if you are a romance rewards member, but just once and they have a limit on how many they will take.

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    In general, I just don't understand why "topless" is such a big deal that it is pushes CTI guests to the end of the pier who want to go topless, especially when even CSA allows it. Couples is an ADULTS only resort, no one should get offended.

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    I thought the Island was auNatural - sans bottoms!

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    Greetings to all:

    The bottom line is that when we did allow women to go topless on the main beach, there were ongoing complaints. Maybe times have changed, but we are still concerned about changing our current policy which limits topless sunbathing to the end of the pier and total nudity to Tower Island.

    Couples Resorts

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    The majority of the guest have no problem in these times with topless on the beach from what we see and read. So lets make the minority happy instead of the majority. Doesn't sound like a good business model for sucess. After all this is an Adult Resort isn't it ? Going out to the pier is so ridiculous when want to have beach access. Be consistant at all three resorts for pete sake. Like the previous posters said...many ladies like to go topless but not fully nude. If I was so offended by seeing an occaional boob at an Adult resort in the Caribbean I would have certainly stayed at one of the family resorts. I have even seen topless women on the public beaches in Jamaica for goodness sake.

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