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    Default i need help! any opinions welcome.

    hubby and i are going to attempt a babymoon. the babe is due at the start of the new year. we finally got approval from our jobs to go over thanksgiving. we are so grateful that we will be given the time off, but man is airfare a bummer that week!!! no worries, we will be home soon. however, we are quite set on participating in the secret rendezvous. i feel as if we really should buy our airfare asap bc it's a given it will only get more expensive. i'm pretty sure that is one of the very busiest times to fly, so i'm not expecting any drops in prices. if they go up much more it really won't be an option to go on this vacation. I'm aware that at certain times couples doesn't offer SR, and perhaps thanksgiving week could be one of those times. i checked the booking tool and aside from csa, there seem to be several room categories still available at the other resorts. csa has 2, but i know that isn't reflective of how many actual rooms are available.
    should i book airfare and hope that sr will be offered that week? if not, will we be able to suck it up and buy a room at the regular rate? i have no interest in going to jamaica and not staying at couples! if you have done a sr at this time, or even if you've spent thanksgiving at couples, please give some insight as to how full resorts are.
    thanks so much!!

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    We've only been to CN over Thanksgiving week. It's actually a lot cheaper than going a couple weeks after that, when rates skyrocket for the winter, but it is a little more expensive than going in October. CN is certainly not a ghost town that week, but it's not a zoo either. We're actually really bummed we can't go this year, but we also have a baby coming (in 36 days) and that will be way too soon to leave the little dude behind. Because of that, we are booked for next May, and, unless we have our 2nd on the way by the end on next sumemr, are planning on getting back on our "every Thanksgiving" schedule next year. We highly recommend this week, especially when you live somewhere cold, because nothing beats hopping that plane to Jamaica when it's freezing at home!

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    You can also keep checking the Wednesday specials.

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    We did SR at the beginning of November two years ago. IMHO, I doubt airfare will go down. Even if you don't get to do SR, there are Wednesday specials that might work for you. When we went in November, the resort was not crowded but it was not around Thanksgiving.

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    We've been to CSA 9 times, most over Thanksgiving, and for the last 2 years the resort has been at capacity....

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    I was at CSA for Thanksgiving in 2002 and it was packed. I can't imagine there would even be rooms available right now. If there are, then book them and don't wait for SR. Do they ever even include CSA in SR???
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    I figured CSA and potentially CN would be booked. I really don't care where we go, i just want to GO! I emailed couples with my concerns. we will see if they are able to give me any info. I just need to know that a SR will be offered. stupid airfare!
    Dank120, congrats! Madison is cold, so the beach is always appreciated!
    anyone ever do a

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    Default sent my message while i was typing...anyone ever do a sr at thanksgiving??

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    I"m sorry I don't have any advice for you on your questions, but I wanted to congratulate you on the baby coming! I met you and your husband at CSS last Feb/March when you asked me to take your picture up on the cliffside by D Block. Enjoy your trip! I wish we could make it back!!

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    well, we booked...air that is. Nov 19-26. here's to hoping there will be a great weds deal or sr available for that time.
    thanks for all your input! again, if anyone has done a SR at that time, I'd love to hear how and where it went!

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    Default Your wish came true...

    Quote Originally Posted by madtown mom View Post
    well, we booked...air that is. Nov 19-26. here's to hoping there will be a great weds deal or sr available for that time.
    thanks for all your input! again, if anyone has done a SR at that time, I'd love to hear how and where it went!
    Looks like your wish came true... the 8-22 deals are awesome and for Nov no doubt...
    Sure hope you get what you want....

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    It was painfully difficult to choose!! We decided on cn because I love it so, been there twice and my husband has not. (I brought couples into our marriage )
    we are still planning sr if the rates are dramatically cheaper, but this is our insurance. So excited. Now it's real!
    Thanks randymon!

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