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    We are planning our first trip to Jamaica. I have fallen in love with CSA and can't wait to go in april.The people who said pick the resort that keeps calling to you aren't kidding.

    So hears the question, We really like the look of the atruim suite but are worried about the temp. We are from the desert, it's normal for us to reach temps of 111 durning most of our summer, but the humidity is low. So you just burst into flames instead of melting. My understanding is Jamaica doesn't get as hot as we do, but what about the humidity? And does the A/c really cool the room off in the Atruim suite? I am not talking get under a cover cold but don't want to be sweating doing nothing in my room either.

    I know we won't be spending much time in our room,but the no glass thing has me wondering if We should upgrade even though We love the look of the Atruim suite.

    Hurry up April!!!!!!!

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    The AC gets the room really, really cold. You don't need it, though. Everyone worries about the no glass thing, but the shutters shut really tight, and it isn't an issue. Go with the atrium!

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    We stayed one night in a Beachfront Suite, which also just has screens, and the room did get cold enough. I found the humidity level in Jamaica in late May/ early June to be very high, and I live in New England. My only issue with the whole no glass issue is that you have to close the shutters for the AC to have any effect but then you can't see out into the beautiful surroundings. Also, the BFS we were in was right by Lemongrass and the Palms so there was a lot of noise at 6am of the staff getting ready for the day (plates and silverware clanking, carts rolling by, tables being moved around, etc). I kinda think if there were glass then it wouldn't have been so loud.

    The rest of our trip was in a BFVS (long story but that's what we had originally booked) and I really enjoyed that room. If (when?) we go back, I would stay in a OFVS or BFVS.

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    No worries, the a/c works great.

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    Nope, you'll be fine!
    We are from Tejas...nuf
    We had a wonderful a/c unit that they actuall had lower than we had it. I think we kept it at 74 or 72..was very nice!
    Go for the atrium! You won't regret it...I can't wait to get back.....hopefully 8/2010

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    Thanks for the info, Atruim it is. Can't wait

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    We usually end up shutting the ac off because it works so well. We love to leave the verandah doors open for the nice breeze. You will LOVE CSA!

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