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    My wife and I are regulars at CN and love just about everything about it except we wished there were some exercise options that take more advantage of the natural beauty - yoga on the beach! Etc. This past weekend we were at a resort in northern Minnesota and had the Opportunity to stand-up paddleboard. It was fantastic and it was combined with a modified yoga practice in the middle of the lake. The loons were calling, the waves were lapping - it was awesome. Honestly, the only place that I can imagine that would be even better is Bloody Bay. Any chance CN will add this activity? Is there anyone to whom I should recommend it?

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    They have SUPs @ CN

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    Sounds like a great idea!

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    I think Yoga on the beach in the early morning would be fantastic. They do have stand-up paddleboarding. I, too, would love to recommend this....I don't know if the resident trainer can do yoga or if only a guest instructor can. Hope we get some answers.

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    CN has had S.U.P. for well over a year.

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    They offered that while we were there in February did they do away with it?

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    I would love to try this during our next visit to Couples!
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    CN has had several stand up paddle boards for at least a year. We used them last Sept and plan to do it again this Sept!

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    that's awesome! can't wait to try them!!!

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    Is there SUP at CSA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joteia View Post
    Is there SUP at CSA?
    I would love to try this at CN!!
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    Yes, there's SUPs @ CSA. I failed miserably trying to do it but look forward to trying again, our next visit home! Razzl

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