Ok, so the trip is aways away, but I am obsessive with details and I would like some feed back on the airline situation please. My hubby's attitude is as long as I am happy he is happy.

It looks like we have a choice (flying from Detroit to MBJ) there is a 6:30 am flight that puts us in MBJ by 11:45, so figure 1 hour for customs, 2 hours for shuttle puts us at the resort around 3pm give or take, in which case it sounds like from these boards the room will not be ready, we could explore a bit if it's not, but we'd also be there in time to attend the 5pm orientation (something I want to do, the orientation).

The other option I am looking at is a 7:45 am flight with a slightly longer connection, so arrive in MBJ about 2pm, adding the times mentioned above puts us at the resort 5pm or so, in which case the room should be ready, we could go right there and unpack, and grab a bite to eat at the no reservations restaurant.

If we do the 6:30 am flight we'd miss the "free" breakfast at the hotel the night before we take off and it means being up earlier in the am, but we get to the resort sooner, however we are NOT the kind of people who would swim etc. without having unpacked first (I have a touch of OCD and I have to do things in a certain order, please don't judge me, but swimming before I could have access to a shower is not an option), so what else would we do, just walk around the resort? Maybe play pool in the lounge area?

If we leave at 7:45 am then we can sleep a little longer, eat the breakfast and arrive with a room (fingers crossed) ready for us, which allows me to unpack ~ which for me is when the vacation in Jamaica would really start~ as soon as I unpack. We would then do the 10am orientation the next morning.

I am sorry this is so long, I feel weird asking others about this, but I am hoping for a little "insight" from some of you who have been to CSS before ...