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    Default SR for November travel

    Looks like I have convinced my hubby to return to Jamaica in November. We are usually cruise vacationers and did our first all inclusive at Tower Isle last December. Looking for an escape before the long East coast winter starts and noticed the great deals on SR. Just wondering when I can expect to see these dates open up to book, and from everyone's opinion what do you think are the chances of getting another property. We loved TI, are ok if it's chosen but would love to try anywhere else- zero preference- just somewhere different. There are no great deals for Nov- all spa credits, etc were for Oct 31 and 2013. Feedback welcomed,

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    we are waiting as well. originally thought we would travel sr in october, but now it looks like it may be nov. rates are $288 for sept, so i would expect it wouldn't be too much more than that. if you check the regular rates, november is just a couple more $$ than dec and october. here's to hoping, and waiting!

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    I just did the same thing, BUT we have Mexico booked so hopefully they pop up before it's too pricey to change our airfare! I called the resort yesterday and they said that the prices for November would likely be up sometime in September!

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    thanks for replying... I've been checking daily

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    just got the go ahead from both of our jobs to travel over thanksgiving week. i hope sr is available at that time. i'm also hoping it's a great deal because airfare is crazy expensive that week! ouch. hope all the pieces come together!

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