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    Default Where are the "NEW" beachfront rooms at CSA?

    The website says there are "NEW" beachfront rooms at CSA.....anyone know what these are? We have been 5 times and have stayed in the "beachfront rooms - old ones". Any ideas what they are talking about?

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    I think the reference is to the Beachfrount suites with the large wrap around porches, now being called Premier B.F.S. There are no new buildings.

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    I'm not sure of their exact location, but here is a thread where Randymon explained why they came into existence. His response is #6 on the thread.
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    The Wrap Around Porches....Awesome!!!!

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    These are the Beachfont rooms that have the big wrap around balconies.

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    They re-classified the beach from rooms that have the huge verandahs on them, so just guessing that is the rooms they are talking about. Like I said, just a guess.

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    They are unfortunately the same rooms we have stayed in the last three years in a row. The rooms are not unfortunate...just that Couples now sees a way to make more money from them by reclassifying them. The Beachfront Suites located along the beach foot path are the 2 level buildings that look like villas. They start near the Palms Restaurant and continue half way down the resort until you reach the newer 3 level Beachfront Veranda Suites. They have 2 rooms upstairs and one downstairs. One of the upstairs rooms is smaller and has a smaller balcony that faces the side of the building and not the Caribbean. The other two have very large porches or balconies that you can relax on while watching the sunset or coffe in the morning. The more appropriate thing to have done would have been to stop renting the smaller one as a beachfront and list it as a room with an ocean view but that would not make more money. I love Couples...just not this decision.

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    rckbert, I think the smaller room in the Beachfrount Suites is actually listed as an Atrium Suite. I know 1126 and 1226are B.F.S. [now preimer], but, 1227 is not listed as such. I think Couples has this one under controll.

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