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    Default Secret Rendezvous deals for Brits

    Just received an email from couples advertising the latest secret rendezvous deal for $288 per night. When i hit the tag for "view details" I get redirected to the British website which contains no details of the secret rendezvous deals, but the site tries to convince us that we get as good as, or better deals than US customers.
    Why are these deals not offered to the British customers?
    Why can we not get access to the Couples US site?
    Why does there have to be different sites for US and British customers?
    Iain & Jacqui

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    I have been looking at the same pages, and having the same problems. So I have emailed the UK site to ask when we are going to get access to these rates. The only site I can find SR rates is 'The Holiday Place', but I would prefer to book direct with couples

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    E-mail the UK office of Couples Resorts and ask about Secret Rendezvous. I did.........and got a very pleasant surprise!

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