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    Default Solo SCUBA divers?

    So I've been thinking, and have come to the realization that I shouldn't let the fact that my wife won't take up SCUBA (near panic attacks when she was trying to go through the pool sessions at a local dive shop) stop me from enjoying the hobby.

    So, my question is, if I want to go out on one of the SCUBA excursions at CTI, will it be a problem that I don't have a dive buddy? Will they pair me up with someone else who might be in a similar boat, or is the dive more of an "organized chaos" sort of thing where one or more dive masters are in the water keeping everyone in the same general area?

    I am already a PADI certified Advanced Open Water diver, so that shouldn't be an issue (although my lack of dives will slow me down.)

    Just trying to decide on this, and if it will be worth the luggage space to pack my own fins next year (I'm a narrow framed guy, wider fins tend to be annoying to swim in.)

    Thanks all!
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    I have been a single diver during my previous 4 trips to Couples for the same reason. You will buddy-up on the boat before the dive and the dive masters will keep all pairs in a larger group for the dive. A buddy is important to have to help get gear on and check that it is ready for dive, and important to have someone in the group that you stay in contact with during the dive itself. A side benefit -- I have met some great people and made friends (my buddy Ian at CN years ago - what a great guy!). No worries and enjoy the trip!

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    My husband did dives at CTI by himself (without me) prior to obtaining his NAUI/PADI certification... I think he said there were others who went alone for the same reason.

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    There have always been single divers on our trips. No problem. They just sorta buddy up, but we're all in a group anyway. Just always a good idea to know your buddy and have a plan in the event of an emergency.

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    Maybe you'll luck out and the wife will try the resort course at Couples! We've found the dive teams at Couples to be top notch. They are all very conscientious and safety oriented, the guest's welfare comes first. The dive instructors are very patient and understanding and they'll give her all the care and attention she needs in order to feel comfortable in the water. If you're at CTI, Collin and Lloyd will be her best friends, yours too! They were so helpful to my DH and I when we dove with them. We love those two!
    Not too worry, the guys will only suggest an ocean dive if they feel she's comfortable enough to do so.
    Have a great time!

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    That's never a problem. If there's not another single diver, which there usually is, then the divemaster will be your buddy. In the 3 dozen outings we've had at CN, the ratio of single divers to couples is usually 50/50, but quite often, the singles outnumber the couples. It's pretty common to have one spouse that doesn't dive.

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    Take your stuff. A lot of people show up for the dive solo. You will get paired with someone or dive with the Divemaster. My husband had to do this for a number of years until I got certified. Now I've got the dive bug and he has a partner that actually checks his equipment.
    Maybe if your wife snorkles a few times she might feel more confident and would try a resort dive. The dive Instructors at Couples are very good and make you feel comfortable. I got my certification at CSA. Both hubby and I plan to do the Advanced Cert on our next visit.


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    I'm going to CN. My wife doesn't dive so shouldn't be problem. I am very rusty si I am recertifying.


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    I'd plan to dive while you're there, as long as she doesn't mind. Hopefully not. There are lots of guys who dive without their wives, who often stay on the beach and read. CTI will buddy you up with someone else. Couples is very good about this and the dives are well organized. No chaos.

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    Lots of solo divers - no worries. There may be another solo diver they will buddy you up with or if not you will buddy up with the dive leader.


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    There are usually solo divers. You will eaither get buddied up if there is an odd number or you will buddy the dive master. No problem.

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