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    Default The best thing we ever ate

    Just thinking about our favorite meal at our favorite restaurant! Fried Calamari appetizer then Jerk Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Mild Pimento Jerk Sauce, beautifully presented, perfectly cooked and served under the moon and stars at CSS's Bella Vista. 110 days until we return home. Thank you to all the chefs for making such fabulous dishes for us!

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    We have had some great meals at all the resorts we have visited (CSA, CSS, & CN) and it is hard to narrow it down to just one choice. When we are home and missing Jamaica and we start talking food, we always seem to go back to the simple stuff - jerk chicken at the beach grills and of course, banana stuffed french toast at CSA for breakfast.

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    Cape Cod Sue,
    Your post brought back soooo many wonderful memories of CSS and long leisurely dinners at Casanova's. My favorite dinner was the lamb chops they were accompanied by this awesome sauce! They were so good in fact, on Lobster Night I asked if they had anymore, and if so If Chef could include a couple with my lobster! When the waiter brought my entree, not only did I have succulent lobster, but also 4 delicious lamb chops! I love CSS!!!

    One love,

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    The things I look forward to the most is the delicious grilled snapper and the fresh salad bar, YUM!

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    Best on-site meal was our Repeater's Dinner at CN last year. However, off-site, the best curried goat I've ever had was at Cosmo's and the best lobster at the original Office of Nature.

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    Default Banana stuffed french toast

    Quote Originally Posted by knd View Post
    We have had some great meals at all the resorts we have visited (CSA, CSS, & CN) and it is hard to narrow it down to just one choice. When we are home and missing Jamaica and we start talking food, we always seem to go back to the simple stuff - jerk chicken at the beach grills and of course, banana stuffed french toast at CSA for breakfast.
    Banana stuffed french toast. Those sound sooo good. I wish they had those at CN. 85 Days till Home.
    Ere De Fun Don Done
    Grand Lido Sans Souci Feb. 2002, Couples Negril Feb. 2010,
    Couples Negril,Feb. 2011, Couples Negril Jan. 2012,
    Cool Runnings eh!

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    When I think of the wonderful food at Couples I always remember the first time I had Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs At CSA. WOW. What a great flavor combination. It's pretty simple but elegant and delicious. It was complimented as well by Bannana Stuffed French Toast of coarse.

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    jerk sausage and garlic toast/bread at the Palms at CSA and sweet potatoe chips and dips at Seagrapes/french fries at beach grill at CSS

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    Our favourite was pumpkin soup at CSA. One year we never saw it on the menu so asked if they could serve it at the Repeater's dinner and they did. How great is that. Last year I brought some pumpkin home and planted the seeds in my garden. Now whenever we are homesick for Jamaica we make a pot of pumpkin soup. There are so many wonderful choices at Couples. we have only been to CSA and CSS but the food is outstanding.

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    My mouth is watering!!!...I too enjoyed the lamb chops at CN. I had them at Lychee and Heleconia, both were delicious. I dont even like lamb! I cant wait to enjoy all the Lychee has to offer...Come soon 6/2012.

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    we had a garlic saffron soup during our private beach dinner the night we renewed our vows for 25 years in 2006. the most outstanding thing i have ever had at Couples.

    it's all about the kids

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    I think one of the best things I ever ate at Couples was the smoked marlin dip at the Veggie bar at CTI. SOOOOO yummy.
    Of course all meals at Couples are great, we really enjoyed the lobster at the original Office of Nature as well (near CN).

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    This may sound a bit underwhelming, but my favorite meal memory (not necessarily the best meal) was having a grilled burger at about 2 AM at the old all night grill at CSA. This was before the Great House expansion and they used to grill burgers and other things all night on an open fire pit up near Seagrapes. It was like an all night picnic on the beach. Kind of primitive, but very cool. We miss that old grill.

    Then there is the time when mrs. dirtleg tried to eat her soup bowl at the old Feathers. But that is another story for another time.

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    I had this pumpkin ricotta lasagna that was on the buffet @ CTI. I thought, "that can't taste good." It was super delicious. I never forgot it! I had 3 slices.

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    I also have a lot of fond memories of the food at CSA. I really enjoyed the fish tacos at Seagrapes and the sauteed falafel sandwich with some Busha Brown's spicy sauce served by our favorite waiter, Jermaine

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    My DH, still talks about the Sunday ham for breakfast @ CN, He was very upset when we went to CTI and CSS, and there was no ham on Sunday. SuzyQ I know about the lamb chops you are talking about @ CSS. My husband wiggled some of the recipe out of the chef. It has cranberries in a red wine reduction, which I have been trying to replicate at home. Casanova has amazing food.

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    Thanks everyone for your delicious posts! On the dessert front - we shared a Chocolate Passion Tube at Palazzina. Heavenly!!!!!!!

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    Oh, the crisp, cool green salad that was served in a bowl made entirely of parmesean cheese at Oteheite at CN or the sushi appetizer platter at Lychee. Yum!

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    Sue and Randy. Garlic saffron soup sounds so delish.

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    For some reason all of the soups and get in Jamaica are amazing. I have had main courses, lobster, goat, and even Jerk Chicken, in places outside Jamaica that were just as good as in Jamaica... but the soups in Jamaica always stands out for me when in Jamaica.

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    I feel like resurrecting this thread.. mostly because I can't stop thinking about CSA in 67 days, and I'm really hungry right now!

    I'd have to say my favorite meal was the beef tenderloin at Feathers, with their soup. I don't remember what kind I had, but it was fabulous!

    Pulled Pork Pizza at Patios... and the Profiteroles (been dreaming about them for a year now!!)

    Loved the Nachos too -- just having them there for a snack whenever rocked!

    Focaccia Parmesan Sandwich at Seagrapes .. and of course Sweet Potato Chips!! YUMMM!

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    Stuffed Lobster tail at CTI, along with an anytime fav. of jerk chicken from the beach grill.

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    Default my favorite dish at couples

    My favorite dish is the ackee and saltfish at CTI, it's so different than anything I have ever tried and it's a perfect way to start the day. It would be wonderful if it was on the breakfast buffet everyday.

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    escargot at CSS casanova.... yummy!

    Jerk Chicken is my favorite.... I eat it everyday in Jamaica, never miss a day and never tire of it! I have never had jerk chicken be near as good anywhere else as it is in Jamaica!

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    The Coconut Milk Stewed Fish & Vegetables at CTI, the Smoked Marlin Appetizer at Eight Rivers (CTI), the jerk chicken or jerk pork at CSS (much spicier than at CTI), the Chicken Pad Thai at Bayside (CTI)....truthfully, we have NEVER had a bad meal at CSS, CTI or CN!!!!

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