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    Default Tropical Depression 7 :(

    The seasonís seventh tropical depression has formed, and it should move into the Caribbean Sea this weekend as Tropical Storm Gordon.

    As for intensity, the forecast models are widely divergent, developing this storm into either Hurricane Gordon, or dissipating it entirely within the next few days. It is due to land in Jamaica on Tuesday. We are due in Negril on Friday at Couples CSA.

    I know we took a chance planning our trip during Hurricane Season. We've so been looking forward to it. Is this something to worry about??

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    I lived in Florida for years and experienced quite a few hurricanes. It is very hard to predict what will happen, but most of the time things turn out okay. Jamaica is a small land mass and the Caribbean is a big place! A storm has to be set just right to hit hard. In my experience (5 years of living in Florida), we experienced very big storms that hit directly only a couple times. The rest of the time the eye was centered elsewhere and we just had rain and strong winds. If it is scheduled to land Tuesday and you are arriving Friday, it would have to be a really serious storm for you to still be feeling its effects.

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