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    Default Completely stupid question...

    ...but we're heading to CSS in September for our first visit to any Couples resort. Stupid Question Du Jour: How do you pronounce Sans Souci? Give it to me fonetiklee, please. Muchas Gracias.

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    San Sooo See

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    Hey! So happy for you guys! We have booked this for Oct. 2013, our 25th anniversary, it will be our first time to a Couples, or AI, or out of the country together! I hope you have a great time and if you get the chance post a review, I ~love~ to read those and sometimes people say things that turn out to be great tips that I add to my notebook! I am curious how people pronounce it too, we say "Sans" like Sand without the "d", and "Souci" like the Japanese word for Sushi, so "San Sue-she" ... but I don't know if that's right or not!

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    sanz soo see
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    San Soocie

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    sahn sooo SEE....but don't worry - your pronunciation will get much better after a few rum punches!!

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    The keyboard doesn't contain the symbols necessary to spell the phrase phonetically, but perhaps this will help: sanz soo-see.
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    If you are my husband you pronounce it San serously he refuses to say it correctly.
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    San Sue-see

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    sahns sue see

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    Quote Originally Posted by dank120 View Post
    San Sue-see
    Another pronounciation would be heh-vin!
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    Thanks to all. Now we won't be the obvious newbies that everyone snickers at. At least not in this way.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the people who pronounce it correctly! No Sushi! :-D

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    It is french and means 'without care'. The 'Sans' part is pronounced just like the final part of the word liaison; as in ON that starts with an s (but not pronounced like Son -which would be sun! Jeez |English is hard, especially when it's French!) Souci is pronounced soo see. S'on soo see. See?

    Whilst I am on the subject (and in Pedantry mode!) Au Natural should really be Au Naturelle.

    Pedantry done. Over and out.

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    THE Definitive Answer!!!

    Just to clear some of these pronunciation tips, it's not sanz, it's san. Sans is French for "without", and the second "s" is silent.

    Souci, pron "sue-see" is French for "care".

    Sans souci translates to "without care", which is a perfect name for a Coupels Resort in Jamaica!

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