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    Default April topless :/

    I will be at CSA fromApril 21-28 2013 for my honeymoon. I have seen that it is ok to go topless on the beach. Im very conservative but my future husband likes to show me off. I thought I would surprise him with a sexy honeymoon treat by going topless in a thong. Besides, I'm 22 and I have worked hard for this body! so I might as well show it off. Im just scared to be the only one topless or in a thong. I hope that some of my fellow April CSA ladies will dress likewise to give me a boost of confidence to bare (nearly) all.
    I don't wish to flaunt myself around, I just want to get some sun in a sexy exciting way. My future hubby will be so shocked I can't wait! I have some other shocking surprises for him, but those will stay in our room
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