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    Default The water bottles?

    In 2009 when we were at CTI we found Couples clear water bottles in our room at check in .... Do all resorts give those to guests, currently?

    Otherwise Ill plan on bringing one of my own as I like to mix flavors in with my water

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    I always bring my travel mug and fill it with diet pepsi, juice or water. If I get water, I add crystal light most of the time.

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    We were at CTI/CSS this year and only CTI gave them out. Not sure if CN/CSA have gone to these but would like to see it at all Couples resorts. It's really convenient to be able to fill a Couples water bottle at a fill station instead of having to get water bottles from the bar, etc. and then worry about disposing of them afterwards. How about it Randymon? Any chance we'll see this in the near future?

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    CSS and CN didn't!
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    CTI is the only resort that provides the reusable water bottles.

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    awwwwe .... Bummer!! We only have 1 CTI bottle left, the other rusted... Randymon, why only at CTI?

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    I agree - it's a wonderful idea!! Bring on the water bottles to CSA, and all couples resorts. I wonder if there is a reason behind the water bottles only being at CTI?!

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    Wife and I use Bobbles which are water bottles with a charcoal filter built into the top. Works great!

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    Awe, we're headed to CSA this year and I was hoping to get two more couples water bottles. Oh well we'll just have to bring our existing ones.

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    At CSS you can purchase these water bottles at a reasonable price. Just a thought!

    One Love!

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