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    Default CSA in early November- weather?

    I did a search for this but couldn't seem to find any info. We're going to CSA on 10/29 for our first trip to Jamaica. I'm wondering what to expect for weather since I know this is the tail-end of hurricane season. Can any 'repeaters' give me some insight? Thanks! In any case, we're so excited! It's our 10th anniversary and it's been two-years since we had some time away from our little girls! Love them, but mommy and daddy need some grown-up time.

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    We were at CSA last november, think it was first week. The weather was the best we have had on any trips there. We have been in spring, early summer, October and then Nov. We didnt' have any rain during our nov. trip and there was no humidity in the evenings. We preferred it the best. We have been to CSA 5 times. We are trying really hard to make ourselves travel somewhere other than there, but honestly I am having a terrible time finding a resort that lives up to CSA. So afraid we will be disapointed. Get the Beachfront Suites (old section). More secluded and have huge balconys..oh yeah, get upper level!!! very private but you get ocean sounds! Have a blast!

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    Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

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    We were at CSA in early Nov 2010 for our 25th anniversary - as a hurricane was passing by the other end of the island! No problem! The water was a bit churned up and higher on the beach than normal, but it was fine. We were on the beach every day. Typically it is HOT during the day and warm at night. A few nights I needed a light sweater. Bathing suits, cover ups, shorts, and tank tops will do it during the day - sundresses, casual resort wear at night. We are going this Nov. 3-10th. CANNOT WAIT! The place is FABULOUS! You will LOVE IT!!! It is such an escape from life's daily routine!

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