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    Default Will my room experience be better this time ?

    We previously stayed at CSA in 2010.
    For lack of a better word the room "sucked" on our last trip. We had a garden suite that was close to the road and on the very edge of the resort where all the staff congregated in the AM, extremely noisy. We asked to be moved to a quieter room but apparantly there were none available. We talked to 2 other couples that very same day who were moved to better rooms, I guess we just didn't make enough fuss.
    We do want to come back and give CSA another chance but want a better room, I am thinking of an ocean view veranda or great house verandah. Will either of these type rooms be OK ? We really enjoyed everything else about the resort with the exeption of the lack of sleep and this time is a 2 week vacation so we need a little advice this time.
    Thanks in advance for your comments.

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    We'll be there during TS Gordon, we'll let you know.... lol... Just hijaked your thread - my bad. Seriously though. When we get there, we'll tell you how we feel about the rooms. First time to CSA. Atrium suite..
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    We had the same situation at CN the first trip which was 2 weeks! Could not move since the resort was packed. We are heading back to CN/CSA in just 9 days. Our solution? We booked the highest category room at each resort!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarryF View Post
    . . . I am thinking of an ocean view veranda or great house verandah . . .
    I would hate for you to be disappointed a second time, so please note that there is no ocean view suite. The category is entitled "ocean verandah suite," and it offers only a partial view of the ocean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Partyoftwo View Post
    We'll be there during TS Gordon, we'll let you know.... lol... Batten the hatches! Nothing wrong with a little "room" time on the honeymoon I guess... and in the midst of a tropical storm/hurricane it should be...exciting.. or completely and utterly frightening.. one of the two.
    Party of two - we are due to come in on Friday. I'm a little nervous about the TS Gordon. I guess you all are braving it? Can you keep us updated once you land?

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    We have stayed in both the Beachfront Verandah Suites and the Greathouse at CSA. I was amazed at how quiet the Greathouse rooms actually were. I had thought that they might get the lounge or restaurant noise at night, but I never heard it. And the only time we hear noise from the BFVS rooms is when we leave our verandah doors open. We love the BFVS rooms - they are literally right on the beach and there's nothing like watching the sunset from these rooms.

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    Of those two choices I would go with the ocean veranda suite. I've read that there can be hallway noise in the greathouse.

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    Either of those choices would be great! Ocean Verandah Suite's are great. If you get one of these request to be by the hot tub. These are more centrally located. I haven't seen a Great House Verandah Suite, but you would be happy with that choice also. If you go for one of these, ask to be on the end of the building towards the resort, not the adjoining property. Good luck deciding. CSA is the best. Just get the right room next time.

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    we've always stayed in either a Beachfront suite(old section) or the Atrium suites and in both 1st or
    2nd floor rooms and have never been bothered by noise. We have been in April and recently December so it may depend on the time of year you are there.

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