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    Default Moses @ CN bonfire

    Maybe this guy sings at the other Couples resorts too... But anyone who has been to the bonfire on the beach at CN has most likely heard the lovely voice of Moses. What a sweet, soothing voice & style! We wanted to get one of his cd's but didn't stay till the end of his concert for various reasons -- I figured I could probably get one in the gift shop. Nope. Front desk said to talk to the Entertainment staff. Entertainment staff said they didn't have any of his cd's either but that he has a website "Shaim Moses" (she even spelled it for me) but I've googled my fingers off and can't find anything. Does anyone know how to find one of this man's cd's? Thanks!

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    Default Shyam Moses

    The spelling of his name is Shyam Moses. I have both of his CD's. The first one is called Expressions and it is IMHO the best of the two. The second is more religious music. Good but not my favorite. The back of the CD has an email address for him. You might try that. I bought the first cd a few years ago and the second last year. I am glad to hear he is still there. Hes awesome.

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    His name is Shyam Moses. My wife bought a CD from him at the CN Bon Fire. The following information is on the back of the CD (Expressions).


    Phone: (876) 382-4387

    Myspace: Shyammoses

    Hope this helps!
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    Theres also a website for him

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