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    Can someone tell me (and sorry if this is a duplicate; I couldn't find anything searching) if the Deluxe Ocean rooms at CTI are now called something else? When I look at all the glorious pictures (and have one of my numerous CR's) I don't see Deluxe Ocean anywhere. Any wisdom out there for Sun_princess?

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    Yes they still have them.

    This is the link

    Rooms with an unparalleled romantic view of the Caribbean Sea and Tower Isle,. Air conditioned, King size bed, private bath/shower, digital cable flat screen TV, Ipod/Mp3 docking station, blow dryer, safety deposit box. Nightly turndown service. Private balcony or patio. Recently refurbished. Located in the East Wing block #1 on 1st and 2nd floors and West wing block #4 on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors.
    Irie Mon

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    I have a related question. When looking at the room descriptions (from that link above) some of them say "recently refurbished" while some of them do not. Were not ALL of the rooms refurbished??!! That would be somewhat disappointing...

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    Thanks for the link. I can't recall if the buildings are numbered in the map/panoramic view. When I try to go there, it tells me I need the Adobe Flash, which I already have...We've always done the Deluxe Ocean (this will be our 8th trip to CTI) and I know where we have been in the past (#302 our very favorite room!) but I'm not sure the rooms are in the same buildings, etc. since the new part has been put on. I wouldn't mind being on an upper floor in there, mind you; I guess I'm just anxious for next Feb. to get here.

    On a different post on this thread, I don't think all the rooms were re-done. I think alot of them were after some hurricane damage several years ago.

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    What used to be called the deluxe rooms, are now re-named the premier rooms...I believe. That is where we always stayed, deluxe ocean view, they were located in the main building.

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    All they rooms at CTI have been redone. The room numbers from the past are all changed. They are now a 4 digit number. The first number is the building and the next three are the floor and room number.
    Irie Mon

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